Hockey Mom

For the past 18 weeks or so, bundling up inside a hockey rink has been a part of my life. This year both boys are now playing hockey, but Nolan has been playing more tournaments on Saturdays. This past Saturday we headed out to Muskegon for a Hockey Jamboree. It was the first time I saw the confident leader my son may grow to be. It was a little bittersweet seeing my little boy out there with such poise and confidence. But, my heart swelled a lot knowing that he is growing into his own.



One of the things I love the most about weekends is staying in our pajamas a little longer.  It is also so sweet when the boys get to hang out together, laugh, be silly, all before the day has been full of activities and they are tired.  This is when I see their brotherly bond forging and growing stronger.


Good Morning Monday.

What an amazingly beautiful weekend we had here in Michigan.  I was actually able to bust out some of the summer clothes and wear my favorite summer staple, flowy skirt and t-shirt.

We started our Saturday morning off by soaking up the sunshine while watching Nolan play his first soccer game.  Eric is coaching and it is so much fun to see him wrangle 10 kids.  Nolan is so proud and excited that his Dad is coaching, and that is wonderful to see.


Today is going to be a full day of cleaning and sanding a few pieces of furniture I bought for the studio and Samina's bedroom.  I fully plan to take advantage of this weather! Hope you are having a wonderful Monday too.

Happy Earth Day

Today was a great Earth Day.  The sun was shining and it finally felt like spring here in Michigan.  It was a much needed day after all the rain and flooding we have had here in Grand Rapids!

We used to grow a garden in our back yard, but in the last few years I have just grow my own herbs. Some of my favorites are oregano, thyme, basil, rosemary and green onions like this little guy in the picture.  He survived being outside all winter long and is back growing again this spring.  I have the worst green thumb, so the strength of this little plant amazes me!


I hope you all had a wonderful Earth Day!