Jeremy and Sarah

I needed to find a couple to photograph for a training course assignment, so I was ecstatic when Sarah contacted me. Jeremy and Sarah had just celebrated their 5 year wedding anniversary, so the timing could not have been more perfect.

They braved the first blizzard of 2014 to meet me at my studio. We started inside were it was warm and toasty. After warming up with all of the love they were showing each other, we headed outside into the snow!  They had each written letters to each other, that they shared outside amongst the falling snow. 

The love, compassion, laughter, joy and support they showed each other warmed my heart. When I started photography, this is what I was seeking to photograph. Real emotion and treasured moments.

Happy 5th Anniversary Jeremy and Sarah! I hope you are blessed with many more. Thank you for helping me finish this assignment and to helping me start this new journey into the Beloved style of photography.

Stay Warm!