Artprize 2013

In September of 2009 a new concept was opened up the residents and visitors of Grand Rapids Michigan.   Artprize was born and flooded our city with art.  As a family, we have enjoyed Artprize with such enthusiasm. We would spend days combing the city for a glimpse of all types of art.  It is an event that makes me proud to be a Grand Rapids resident.

This year I had the opportunity to be a venue. My studio partners and I decided that we would open our photography studio on Division Ave to artists for Artprize. The whole process is something I will never forget. Being on the inside has been quite the experience!!

We had just finally gotten the studio painted, decorated and ready for our open house at the end of July. It looked great and I was so proud of our effort.  Then we took it all down, moved almost everything, and opened it up to the Artprize artists. I could not be happier to do all of that. Since it is Fall, all of my sessions are outside in the beautiful landscape of Michigan. So we thought, why not let the Artprize artists take over for a few weeks?

I wanted to share a few images of what it looked like in the studio just one week ago. These images show our all of our hard work and love that was put into the studio.



Today it is now full of art and people. It is part of Artprize 2013.  I can't wait to introduce you to each artist throughout the next week!  But, for now here is a little peek at all of the wonderful art in our studio. 



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