How it all began.

With a Cork board.

My love for photography didn't start when I got my first camera, it started with a cork board.  Third grade was a big year.  My parents sold the house I had grown up in and moved my sister and me to a new town during the middle of the school year.  Above my bed, in my new bedroom, was a large cork board that almost covered the whole wall.  That cork board stayed empty for a while, aside from the occasional birthday card or school artwork that I brought home.  There was still a lot of empty space.  Then on my ninth birthday I got my first camera as a gift from my parents.  That camera was the tool I needed to fill up that cork board.  Soon I had pictures push-pinned all over the large space.  They were photographic memories of my new friends, field trips, family and especially of my new baby sister.  I would dress her up and "pose" her with various props and stuffed animals.  That was my start in newborn photography, and thankfully my style and taste in props has evolved.

Today is the same, my camera is just a tool that allows me to fill my walls and those of my clients with photographic memories and moments.  The ability to capture emotions and character in photographs of people is what drew me to photography.  I want to fill each client's home with images that one day in the future will tug at their hearts with the memories of a time past.

Currently, my favorite photograph is of my grandmother, who passed away in the summer of 2011.  She was in her mid-twenties, and in the picture she is in a lake being silly, her face radiating her happiness. She already had two children at that point, yet she still allowed herself to be photographed wearing her swimsuit.  This picture now hangs in my living room and each person in my family has a copy.  If it were not for her allowing this picture to be taken, we would not have this wonderful reminder of her spirit.  It is easy to want to wait until you are perfect to get pictures taken.  But, I believe those who love us find us perfect in our imperfections.  In the years to come our children and grandchildren will cherish the images they have, but they won't be able to if you don't first allow yourself to be photographed.

Today I would love to help you fill up your "cork board" with memories of those you love.